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Whale Park in Rewal

In the city
Contact ul. Kamieńska 2C
72-344 Rewal

kom.: 500 791 752
e-mail: biuro@parkwieloryba.pl


Rewal is a small seaside resort very often chosen by tourists as a holiday destination and weekend trip.

All thanks to the extensive accommodation base and a short distance from sights worth seeing: the lighthouse in Niechorze or the ruins of the church in Trzęsacz. If you plan a holiday with your children and look for additional attractions that all members of your family will benefit from, visit the Whale Park in Rewal. You will find here lots of entertainment and spend your free time during holidays. In four different thematic sections, both children and adults will be able to learn about interesting facts from the world of flora and fauna and look carefully at selected specimens of animals inhabiting the Baltic Sea. What is worth visiting in this amusement park?

Land "Baltic"

The Park of the Whale in Rewal cares for the promotion of the local flora and fauna. Due to the fact that this place is located on the Baltic Sea itself, the amusement park could not miss a section dedicated to the animals and vegetation present in this area. In the Baltic Sea you will get a unique opportunity to look at fish swimming in the sea from close up and learn about many interesting facts about mammals for which the Baltic Sea is home and shelter. It is not only great fun, but also learning in a pleasant and accessible way, especially for children.

Land "Pirates and Parrots"

Would you like to feel like real pirates? Is your favorite character Jack Sparrow and you love movies with him in the lead role? Your dream has been for a long time to get to know the real sea stalker? In the Land of Pirates and Parrots in the Whale Park in Rewal, everything is possible! Here you will know pirates known only from fairy tales and stories, you will see with your own eyes whether every pirate wears the blindfold on the eye, and on his shoulder sits a colorful and colorful parrot and spend time exploring the curiosities of life on the sea. It will be an unforgettable adventure!

Land "Monsters from the Deep"

Do you know how many things have not yet been discovered by man? Most of the seas and oceans have still not been investigated. Everything that has been fished out from the depths so far, gives us a picture of life on Earth so far and at the same time fascinates not only scientists and researchers, but also all of us. In the Whale Park in Rewal, you will be able to meet mysterious monster models from the depths of our planet that lived centuries ago: a wolfish or sluggish one, and to look at the often awesome creatures of aquatic creatures. Who knows what else covers the oceans? Perhaps you will find out about it in the Park of the Whale in Rewal!

Land "Giants from the Oceans"

Here you will face eye-renowned aquatic animals inhabiting the seas and oceans. Whale Park is a unique place to meet pounding, squid or sharks - all these specimens in one place. Thanks to the size of the models, you will be able to look at them really closely and get to know exactly the detailed structure of their body. This is an amazing opportunity that does not happen every day! Here you will see with your own eyes the largest specimens living in ocean waters and you will know their anatomy. You will be able to admire the largest and heaviest mammals for whom the ocean is home.

If you are fascinated by the underwater world, your children would like to know "where is Nemo" and receive a unique opportunity to face the greatest aquatic creatures, come to the Park of the Whale in Rewal. Here you will spend an unforgettable day full of impressions and get to know a lot of curiosities from the world of fauna and flora of the seas and oceans. It's a great escape from lounging on the beach and sunbathing. Thanks to this, you will provide your kids with entertainment and a day full of attractions.




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Rewal, Zachodniopomorskie
, 72-344 Rewal

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