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The Family Owadogigant Amusement Park in Lubnica

In the city
Contact Lubnica 40
64-965 Lubnica

kom.: 600 839 908
kom.: 606 729 340
e-mail: kontakt@owadogigant.pl


Do you dream of an unforgettable and exciting trip? Are you looking for ways to spend your free time during holidays, holidays or weekend trips?

In that case, go to the Owadogigant Family Fun Park in Lubnica! Why is it worth coming to this small town? Here, surrounded by forests in the bosom of nature, you will not only be able to rest and breathe a full breast, but also learn practical skills during the workshops and take a close look at various insects. The Gwda River flows right by the park, which adds extra charm to this place. The area around the valley is an area of ​​protected landscape with diversified flora and fauna as well as an ecosystem. So if you are thinking about a place perfect for every member of your family - Park Owadogigant in Lubnica is a hit! Convince yourself that what awaits you here, apart from aesthetic values.

Giant insects

As the name of the park itself suggests, it is primarily known for its huge insects that you can meet here. Their models have been made with extreme precision, thanks to which you will be able to see unusual elements of the construction of selected insects invisible to the naked eye every day. In the Family Amusement Park Owadogigant in Lubnica you will face a huge fly, an ant or a butterfly. Their gigantic sizes will allow you to better understand the structure of selected individuals. But it is not everything! The exhibition of models has been enriched with live insects from various corners of the world, which you will be able to admire here. It will be a real treat for any toddler who wants knowledge!


Thanks to the rivers located right next to the park, all lovers of water madness and active ways of spending free time will be able to rent canoes and go rafting on the river Gwda or Czernica. You will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the local nature from a completely different perspective, look at nature and, above all, relax surrounded by trees and the river. For all who lose some strength while paddling, a well-deserved reward awaits, which will allow you to regenerate before the next trip.

Picnic with sausages

If, after intensive burning of calories, you get a little hungry and your stomachs start to demand something, you will be able to take part in a picnic, during which each participant will bake his own sausage and satisfy his hunger. Here you will be able to share your impressions related to kayaking, talk, sing songs you know and regenerate before further exploring the Owadogigant Family Fun Park in Lubnica.


Workshops and games with an animator

With a view to the youngest explorers in the Owadogigant Family Fun Park in Lubnica, a schedule of workshops and animations for children was prepared, thanks to which the little ones will be able to develop their imagination and manual skills and spend time with their peers. Here, all children will be able to paint insect figures or make them from plasticine, modeling clay and salt mass. Children will also learn the secrets of a paleontologist and will be able to prepare small insects from a plaster block. After practical classes, the youngest will be able to play the role of a pirate or Indian and, together with their peers, have fun under the eye of the animators.

Everyone who chooses to visit the Owadogigant Family Fun Park in Lubnica in winter will have a unique opportunity to meet Saint Nicholas and ask for the perfect gift

for Christmas. In winter, the park also organizes sleigh rides with a picnic, during which you can spend fantastic time with the whole family even in cold days. That's why the Family Park Owadogigant is a perfect place for everyone and any time of the year!




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Lubnica, Wielkopolskie
, 64-965 Lubnica

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