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Among picturesque areas, on the edge of the Wielkopolski National Park, over 6 hectares of land extends Deli Park - a great place for the whole family

In Deli Park you will be able to have a great time and experience an amazing adventure. Here you will learn the secrets of the natural world, interesting facts about flora and fauna, as well as healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The whole day spent in the open air among fantastic attractions will put you in a great mood and will allow you to spend time with your children and friends. What is waiting for you at Deli Park?

Prehistoric animals

Do you want to go back to the times of the famous ice age? Want to know animals that for over one million years inhabited the areas of the Wielkopolska National Park covered with snow and ice? See the remains of the famous mammoth with your own eyes, learn a bit more about the history of extinct species such as the turn or the hairy rhinoceros? In Deli Park you will find images of prehistoric animals and plaques with a detailed description of the history of a given species that inhabited the Earth during the Ice Age.

Giant insects

Do you want to stand eye to eye with a giant  king of insects? See the protected species of insects living in the Wielkopolski National Park in size XXL? In Deli Park you will have the opportunity to see an extraordinary exhibition of gigantic insects, take a close look at them and see what is imperceptible to the naked eye on a daily basis. It's not only great fun, but also a biology lesson that you will not forget for a long time!

Miniature Park

One day around the world with only one ticket? Come to Deli Park and take an extraordinary journey around the globe. Here, you will visit Africa, America, as well as various parts of Europe. You will be under the most popular monuments in the world from different continents, you will see the most valuable architectural gems inscribed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and you will have the unique opportunity to take unusual photos that will permanently capture your trip around the Earth

Mini Zoo

The youngest visitors to Deli Park are home animals, adorable kangaroos and alpacas that live in the Mini Zoo. Here, both children and adults will be able to make friends with their favorite, give it a name and learn about its history. It is a great attraction for all animal lovers who love our little ones.

Interactive playgrounds

Who said that the playground is just a sandpit, swings or slides? If your children are eager for knowledge, they constantly ask you questions about the world and have the soul of the explorer in them, in Deli Park in addition to using traditional entertainment, they will be able to play with interactive monitors and boards, take part in solving puzzles and riddles. There is also a DELI mammoth waiting for them on the interactive playground, with which they will be able to play the game, feed it and learn the extraordinary details of his life.

Sky-style Eco-Village

Welcome adventure! In Deli Park, the only one in Poland is the Podniebna Eco-Village with over 250 meters of routes, suspension bridges and mysterious passages stretching among trees. This is an adventure that you can experience with your whole family. Moving on stable bridges and footbridges you will be able to admire the beauty of nature from above, and binoculars, riddles and educational boards will help you in a great fun! And all this without specialized climbing equipment, physical exertion and climbing.

The Deli Park education and entertainment park is a perfect place for people of all ages from 3 to 103 years. Arriving here with the whole family you will have the opportunity not only to have great fun, but also to learn the extraordinary details about our world. Just one ticket is enough to provide yourself and children with a fantastic day full of experience!




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Stęszew, Wielkopolskie
, 62-060 Stęszew

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