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One of the attractions of Ustroń - a small town located near the Vistula - is the Dinosaur Park, which is visited by tourists from all over Poland every year.

All those who go on holiday with their children on holiday can not miss this attraction. This is the number one on the list of mandatory points that you must visit. Strolling along the educational path that extends across the Dinosaur Park you will be able to see prehistoric giants from 65 million years in their natural size and hear their terrifying sounds. Such a trip will surely be in your memory.

In the Dinosaur Park there is also a King Size Park with gigantic insects that can be looked straight into the eyes and face them. Do not be afraid just! During the visit of King Size Park, you will be looking at a huge caterpillar that will be watching you closely. Who should necessarily include the Dinosaur Park for his program of visiting Ustron and the surrounding area?

Families with children

The prehistoric figures of reptiles in their original sizes - among others the biggest tyrannosaur predator in history - is a real attraction for children who can see these giants with their own eyes, hear their sounds and become familiar with their history. Within the Dinosaur Park there are also many playgrounds, slides and trampolines, which will diversify the children and allow them to spend time actively. During the children's play all parents will be able to rest on benches in the bosom of nature in the midst of the forest and at the same time have their children on the eye. Dinosaurs also operate in the Dinosaur Park, where you can eat a tasty family dinner and return to further sightseeing after satisfying your hunger.


School trips

A stay at the Dinosaur Park in Ustroń is not only entertainment and great fun for all children, but also learning in a very accessible way for them. The youngest ones learn about the history of these unusual reptiles in the Park, but also of other species. Entering King Size Park, where there are huge insects, everyone can face a gigantic ladybug or flea face to face.

This is an excellent biology lesson, and the information acquired here will certainly remain in the heads of children and will be useful to them in the future. Learning through play and associations is the most effective form of learning information, and in addition great entertainment for both students and teachers.

Adventure hunters

Everyone who is looking for adrenaline and loves the thrill can take advantage of the night tour of the Dinosaur Park. After dark, the figures of dinosaurs can, however, scare and awaken horror, which is why it is an excellent opportunity only for courageous people with strong nerves.

If you are going to Ustroń or Wisła or you will be in the Dinosaur Park area, be sure to visit this place!




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