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Kashubian Miniature Park

In the city
Contact ul. Kartuska 30
83-329 Mirachowo - Strysza Buda

kom.: 505 136 658
kom.: 502 499 106


Among the picturesque areas of the Kashubian Landscape Park is an unusual place.

Thanks to this place, you can visit different parts of the world in one day and see the most important architectural monuments in Poland and other countries with your own eyes. Here the impossible becomes possible and only in a few hours. In the Kashubian Miniature Park you will take an unforgettable trip on various continents, you will find yourself in many countries that you surely wanted to visit at least once in your life and you will see known to all postcards or photos of monuments. It's all at your fingertips! Familiarize yourself with the most interesting attractions of the Kashubian Miniature Park located in the small village of Strysza Buda in Kashubia.

miniature park

This is a showcase and at the same time the main attraction of this place, which attracts crowds of tourists to Kashuby every year. There are over 70 mock-ups of well-known buildings and architectural monuments from Kashubia, Poland and the whole world, which were made with extreme precision and give even the smallest details. Thanks to them, in one day you will take an extraordinary journey across all continents and see for yourself the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Christ of Rio or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The Miniature Park is also an extraordinary guide to Kashubia, as you will get to know the most important architectural gems of this region and all the sailing of the Polish coast. In one moment you will be standing next to the Collegiate Church in Kartuzy, the castle in Bytów or Żurawia Gdański. And that's not all that awaits you in the Kashubian Miniature Park.

Laughter Cabinet

Ready for a big dose of laughter? In the Cabinet of Laughter in the Kashubian Miniature Park, everyone will laugh at it! It's all because of the unusual mirrors that will distort your reflection and for the first time you look at yourself in a completely different way, like in a distorting mirror. Looking in the mirror you will see your changed figure, in a moment your waist will become much shorter, the head will be bigger and the proportions of your body will be completely disturbed. This will keep you laughing for a very long time. After such a dose of energy, you will need a little peace in the far land ...

fairy land

Here, the youngest will meet their favorite characters from fairy tales, and adults will be able to feel for a moment like children in the Fairytale Land, which will take everyone into the world of fantasy, fiction and great fun. Who will you meet here? Red Hood visiting his beloved grandmother, Pinocchio with a long nose, jumping Gumibears drinking their special mixture (juice?) or Snow White and her bunch of funny dwarfs. In the Fairytale Land located in the Kashubian Miniature Park, there are over 60 exhibits from various fables, tales and stories that everyone knows, from the smallest kids to the adults. You will receive all of this in the price of the admission ticket to the park.

Mini ZOO

In the Kashubian Miniature Park you will meet not only famous characters from fairy tales, but also cuddly animals that you can touch and pet. Here live sheep, ponies with beautiful manes, a charming donkey and a Scottish cow named Ula, who is the undoubted star of this place. At Mini ZOO children will be able to see animals uncharted every day, look at them closely, touch them and make friends. This will definitely be an amazing experience, especially for the little ones, for whom it may be the first contact with animals. In the Kashubian Miniature Park there will be plenty of entertainment for people with strong nerves.

Castle of Fear

Ready for a dose of real impressions? If you love places where you are scared, you are not afraid of ghosts, spiders or zombies, be sure to visit the Castle of Fear located in the Kashubian Miniature Park. We guarantee you will feel the thrill and goose bump here. Admission only under the care of adults for people with really strong nerves!

The Kashubian Miniature Park is a place that is ideal for families with children who want to relax and have fun. Thanks to the attractions located in the park, every member of the family, regardless of age, will find something suitable for themselves. And the most important thing is that you will be able to benefit from all the entertainment together by strengthening your relationships. Welcome!




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Strysza Buda, Pomorskie
, 83-329 Mirachowo - Strysza Buda

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