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Are you going on holiday to Łeba? Or maybe you live in the area? In that case, get ready for a fantastic trip to the beginnings of Earth's existence!

All thanks to the unusual family theme park Łeba Park located in one of the most popular seaside resorts. Here you will meet real giants - dinosaurs that once walked on our planet, visit a blood-chilling place called the castle of fear, which will give you goose bumps, and you will also reach an Indian village in the Wild West. One day is definitely too short to move in time and get to know both dinosaurs and cowboys, which is why a hotel and restaurants are waiting for you, where you can relax and recharge before exploring and having fun. See an overview of the most important attractions of Łeba Park.


This is the main attraction of the Łeba Park family theme park. And it's not surprising that everyday dinosaurs can not be seen in their natural sizes. Here you will be able to see what the largest predators walking on the Earth have looked like billions of years ago, face these giants, become familiar with the structure of their bodies, characteristic features. Visits in Łeba Park can instill in you a paleontological bug!

Castle of fear

Do you want to feel the thrill? Visit a really ghastly place full of mysterious nooks and crannies? If you are not afraid of ghosts and fears, be sure to visit the castle located in Łeba Park. For people with really strong nerves, a special Extreme route awaits. You must experience it on your own skin!

Indian village

We mentioned earlier that in Łeba you will have a unique opportunity to go back not only for billions of years to the beginnings of the existence of the Earth, but also take an amazing journey to the Wild West. An Indian and a cowboy will take you to an Indian village, show you a teepee, and learn how to shoot a bow or a windbreaker. Of course, all this will take place under the supervision of parents or guardians, who will also be able to try their hand at shooting.

Educational path

Thanks to the dinosaurs, the Indian village and the educational path, you will be able to make a fascinating journey in time. Here, surrounded by nature in the midst of the forest, you will know the types of trees and its vegetation, as well as find out how life on earth came about. It will be an extraordinary walk, which at the same time will be an unforgettable lesson in history and biology for many people.

Expedition for a pirate treasure

If your children dream of being a pirate, no costume party in kindergarten or school can not do without a pirate outfit, be sure to take them to Łeba Park! Here, all children will be able to go on a trip to the pirate treasure, demonstrate their courage and take part in a pirate battle on land, in which a special certificate of admission to the pirate riffraff will be won. For every child who wants to be the master of the seas, it will be a dream come true!


Workshops and animations

In Łeba Park, additional attractions await all the little ones, in which they can take part together with their peers and learn practical skills such as making clay, painting with sand, creating Indian charms or searching for gold. Workshops are not only a great way to spend free time, but also develop manual skills of children who can independently create their own souvenir from Łeba Park.

If you come to the conclusion that one day is definitely not enough to take advantage of all the attractions and activities available in Łeba Park, you can take advantage of the possibility of accommodation in this amusement park. In the intimate Hotel Nadmorski you will be able to rest your whole family and regenerate before the next day full of impressions, and these certainly will not be missing in Łeba Park! So if you are going to the seaside during your holidays, plan your vacation in Pomerania or want to provide your children with fantastic entertainment during the weekend - visit the Łeba Park family adventure park.



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