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Sea Park Sarbsk Recreation and Educational Park

In the city
Contact Sarbsk 39
84-352 Wicko

kom.: 502 206 270


Only a few kilometers from Łeba is the unusual Sea Park Sarbsk Recreation and Educational Park.

Being on vacation at the Baltic Sea, it is worth going to the small town of Sarbsk, where you will be able to see the fascinating life of the ocean, meet nice seals and feel the amazing emotions that will be provided by the screening at 5D cinema. Sea Park Sarbsk is one of the largest facilities of this type in northern Poland, where you will be able to learn about the flora and fauna of the seas and oceans and the history of Pomerania. If you are ready for a dose of fun, check out the overview of the most important attractions of the Sea Park Sarbsk Recreation and Educational Park.


This is the biggest sealarium in Poland, which lives at the same time seals from the Baltic Sea: gray seal and common seal and South American females from South America, as well as California calves from the west coast of North America. In the eight pools every day, seals can go wild during training and play, and special shows in which they are the main heroes and stars.


Prehistoric oceanarium. 3D

Do you want to meet amazing creatures that inhabited the sea depths over 150 million years ago? In the prehistoric 3D aquarium at Sea Park Sarbsk, you'll feel like you're facing giant fish-like animals that once sailed in the oceans. Thanks to three-dimensional effects you will get the opportunity to see with your own eyes a powerful Megalodon, a Mozazaur or a characteristically-toothed Liopleurodon. It will be an unforgettable journey millions of years before our era to the beginnings of the existence of our planet.

Real Ocean 3D

If you want to see what underwater life looks like today, meet species of animals and plants inhabiting the seas and oceans that make up the majority of our planet, get to know their habits - in Sea Park Sarbsk you will not only get the opportunity to look closely at prehistoric creatures, but also species, that live to this day swimming in the waters on Earth. The interior of the Real Ocean 3D building is reminiscent of an underwater ship from which, thanks to the latest technology, you will be able to observe the underwater life of fish, mammals, crustaceans and marine vegetation. This is an excellent biology lesson that children will not forget for a long time!

Cinema of emotions 5D

Nothing will provide you with so many impressions at once, like a session in the amazing and modern 5D cinema. All your senses will be stimulated here, thanks to which you will be drawn into the world of fiction and you will feel like real heroes of the film being watched. You will hear better, feel stronger and take part in the most modern form of entertainment.


Maritime Museum

Fascinates of sea adventures and sailing will find their place on Earth in the Maritime Museum located in the Sea Park Sarbsk. What is waiting for you here? The largest collections of maritime handicrafts in Poland, 9 exhibitions depicting models of fishing boats and cutters, souvenirs from shipping, tools and diplomas, and many other exhibits that will bring you closer to the everyday life of seafarers and fishermen engaged in fishing.

For the youngest visitors to Sea Park Sarbsk, other attractions have been prepared, which will allow them to spend time together with their peers and devote themselves to a carefree fun. For children there is a playground, a pirate's line and a pirate's grove with a pool filled with balls. All games and games have been kept in marine style, each child will feel here like at the controls of one of the ships. Being close to Łeba, be sure to visit the Sea Park Sarbsk with your whole family and book a day for a joint madness and fun. It is a perfect springboard for children who, apart from lying on the beach and playing beach sports, will also be able to explore the curiosities of underwater life.




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Wicko, Pomorskie
, 84-352 Wicko

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