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Illusion Farm - Park of Education and Entertainment

In the city
Contact ul. Mościska 9
08-455 Trojanów

kom.: 537 048 534


Just 85 km from Warsaw, in the small but very charming village of Mościcka, there is an extraordinary place where your senses go crazy.

Everything you see here is in conflict with the laws of physics, surprises with its improbability and brings everyone into a completely different dimension in which you can not only have great fun, but also learn a lot of useful things. That's why the Illusion Farm is often visited by families with children of all ages. What will you see here?

Places to visit for a long time

When you are at the Illusion Farm, stop for a long while at the Flying Hut of Secrets, which hangs one part in the air and is held by huge balloons. This is probably the only one, not only in Poland but also in the world, that you can admire here with your own eyes!

In the Museum of Illusions operating at the Farm, you will find surprising and intriguing exhibits that will bring you into the world of illusion and show that not everything is always obvious. Being at the Illusion Farm, be sure to choose the Labyrinth of Mirrors, where reality is intertwined with fiction, and mirror reflections seem to be a real person.

If your children are lovers of dragons and love to listen to long legends and fairy tales about them, be sure to take them to the Wild Dragons Reserve, where they will be able to stand eye to eye with their great heroes, whom they like and admire.

Active fun

Children who love to have fun and crazy in the fresh air will be able to completely devote themselves to careless joy using the extensive offer of the Illusion Farm. Here, among the Blind Rogue Grove, they will have to work as a team to find the way out of the winding maze, perhaps they will discover musical talent in one of the outdoor instruments on the Music Glade or play Levitating Balls that really float in the air!


Illusion exhibits

There will be plenty of untypical and unbelievable exhibits at the Illusion Farm. After a whole dose of impressions in the Flying Hut Secrets or museum you will be able to see the levitating water tap, the house that moves and gives the impression of being alive, and walk along the streets of the Path of Illusions, where you will meet dozens of illusions known to you. And the best part is that you will take advantage of the whole family from all these attractions!

Illusion Farm combines perfectly great fun and learning. Children can discover an extraordinary world here by experiencing incredible things, as well as communing with nature and animals, which certainly will not be missing in the Farm! Here, kids will meet with ducks and hens, they will hide a rabbit farm, pet a pony and adorable goats. You will not find such experiences anywhere in the area!




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Trojanów, Mazowieckie
, 08-455 Trojanów

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