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Fantastic fun, unforgettable adventure and adrenaline - all of this is guaranteed by Energylandia, the largest Amusement Park in Poland.

Energy land can be boldly included among the best complexes of this type in Europe. The park covers an area of ​​up to 26 hectares in the small town of Zator in the Lesser Poland province, located just half an hour from Katowice or Krakow. If you want to experience an amazing day full of experience on a world-class level, you should go to Energyland.

You will find here the biggest and the fastest Roller Coasters in Poland, carousels, slides, and you will be able to have fun in the water park, have a tasty dinner and regenerate your strength before further sightseeing. The entire Park is divided into four main thematic zones, in which you can take advantage of over 60 attractions designed for the youngest children, youth and adults visiting Energyland.


It is a real paradise for children who will meet their favorite characters from fairy tales, fulfill their deepest dreams and move for a moment into the world of childhood desires. Every child will be able to play the beloved hero from animated films or cartoons for a while and take advantage of the rich offer of additional attractions for the youngest: mini coaster, car or airplane. You can be calm - all carousels are safe and your children can confidently use them. Due to the fact that the offer of Bajkolandia is addressed to the youngest children, this zone does not lack intimate and secluded places where you can take care of kids or just relax before further sightseeing.

Family area

Most people come to Energyland with the whole family, which is why the Park of Entertainment could not miss the zone where all family members will have fun regardless of their age. You will pass here several smaller Roller Coasteries, visit the Viking village, spend sensational time in the planetarium or take part in the water battle. You will not miss the thrill, but everything will be served in a reasonable dose.

Extreme zone

Something for the brave, who is not afraid of any challenge and adrenaline. Here you will experience unforgettable moments, overcome your fears and experience such impressions that no other amusement park in Poland will provide. The offer of the extreme energyland zone is unmatched within a radius of several hundred kilometers. You will pass here one of the largest and fastest Roller Coasterów reaching speeds of up to 100 km / h. After leaving the huge Azec Swing pendulum or the Space Booster arm your heart rate will surely be mono higher, and the adrenaline will not leave you until the end of your stay in Energyland.


Water Park

In Energyland, apart from Roller Coasters, water slides or merry-go-rounds, you will also find a water park, which is an ideal attraction for the whole family. If you want to feel like on a tropical island, for a moment to move to exotic countries, jump into the crystal clear and clear water - be sure to take your bathing clothes with you! Here you will spend your exotic holidays without spending a few thousand zlotys.

These are only the most important attractions of the Amusement Park in Zator. What else is waiting for you in Energyland? Interactive games, educational workshops, spectacular scenes, 7D cinema, as well as an extensive network of gastronomic points, where you can eat a tasty dinner or dessert. The Park of Entertainment is constantly developing and enriches its offer with new attractions. If you want to use all of them - you must come to Energyland!




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Zator, Małopolskie
, 32-640 Zator

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