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St. Mary's Basilica

In the city
Contact Plac Mariacki 5
31-042 Kraków

tel.: 12 422 05 21
fax.: 12 421 07 85
e-mail: biuro@​mariacki.​com


St. Mary's Basilica, the church dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the most important church of Krakow after the Wawel cathedral.

abolished on the Main Square is a showcase of the city, visited so much by tourists who call it "the Vistula Notre Dame".

The history of St. Mary's Basilica dates back to the beginning of the 13th century, and exactly to 1223. It was founded by Bishop Iwo Odrowąż. Over the following centuries, it was rebuilt several times, both the body and the interior were subject to changes.

Inside the basilica there are real architectural masterpieces. The altar of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Veit Stoss from the fifteenth century is one of the most outstanding works of late-Gothic sculptural art in Europe. His setting is a pentapot. It consists of central parts with carved figures, one pair of moving inner wings and one pair of fixed outer wings. Both pairs of wings are decorated with bas-reliefs. The whole is completed by a bas-relief of the altar and the openwork top with a full plastic sculpture. In addition, the following should be noted: great, choir (presbytery) and small (in the southern aisle).

The facade of the church is enclosed in two characteristic towers, which differ in height. The upper tower - the south tower is 82 meters high. She is called Hejnalica or Watchtower - Excubiarum. It has been used for centuries by Maria's trumpeters, who play bugle-songs to the four sides of the world every hour. However, the lower - northern tower, 69 meters high, serves as a belfry. In it there are four liturgical bells: Półzygmunt, Tenebrat, Missionary and the oldest so-called Campana Antiqua.

Visiting the Basilica is possible on weekdays from 11:30 - 18:00, while on Sundays and holidays in the chair. 14:00 - 18:00. The cash registers are closed 15 minutes before the end of the visiting hour. Tourists can visit only the front part of the Basilica, or the presbytery with the altar.

The entrance to the St. Mary's tower is possible from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 - 17:30 and on Sunday from 13:10 - 17:30 (entry every 30 minutes). In January and February the tower is closed to visitors. However, in November, December and March, sightseeing only from Thursday to Saturday from 9:10 - 19:30.

Detailed information about St. Mary's Basilica can be found at www.mariacki.com/. The basilica can also be found on fb: www.facebook.com/KosciolMariacki/ and on twitter: www.twitter.com/kosciolmariacki.




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Kraków, Małopolskie
Plac Mariacki 5, 31-042 Kraków

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