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The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka is the only museum in the Lublin region

It is housed in the eighteenth-century palace and park complex, belonging to the Bieliński and Zamoyscy families. It is the best preserved magnate residence in Poland and one of the few in Europe with such authentic, almost complete equipment. The unique atmosphere and richness of the palace interior make the Museum very popular among visitors. An undoubted asset of the Museum is the palace chapel, modeled after the royal chapel in Versailles. Tourists can also visit the coach house with an exhibition of 19th-century carriages and travel accessories. In the former theaters, various temporary exhibitions are organized. A special attraction offered to tourists is the Gallery of Art of Socialist Realism, with the largest collection of sculpture, paintings and graphics from this period in Poland.

The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka was established on November 4, 1944, based on the collections of the Zamoyski family located in their palace in Kozłówka. They include objects in the field of painting, sculpture, graphics, drawing and artistic handicrafts collected by Konstanty Zamoyski, the Koziołiec ordinate. Kozłówka was not destroyed during the war, its equipment was not plundered, it was preserved in such a large percentage that the ideological program, which was managed by the owner, arranged the interiors. This authenticity distinguishes our museum from others throughout Poland and even against Europe. This is also subordinated to the exhibition, which shows the interiors of an aristocratic residence from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The former Zamoyski collections were supplemented by museum purchases made over 70 years of the institution's activity. Among the many outstanding works of art, paintings by Polish and European masters - Franciszek Smuglewicz, Józef Oleszkiewicz, Wilhelm Kotarbiński and Robert Lefévre - stand out. We have a large collection of eighteenth-century Meissen porcelain and other porcelain and faience factories. The real gem is an agate boar from the famous Fabergé company, gold products of Martin Guillaume Biennais or a set of cutlery by Carl Klinkosch, numbering over 600 pieces.

The overriding goal while arranging the exhibition was to obtain the impression of residence of the palace by the former owners, which excludes the use of multimedia devices in interiors. However, they are used on temporary exhibitions as a complement to the show.

Kozłówka is a place where the expedition gives all families a lot of pleasure. A journey to the just 35 km from Lublin and 157 km from Warsaw Residence, surrounded by the magnificent vegetation of the Kozłowiecki Landscape Park, is a moment worth devoting, because it is the only such palace in Poland! Kozłówka is a kind of time machine that takes visitors to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Preserved original equipment will allow everyone to feel like an aristocrat and guest invited for afternoon tea to the count. The guides will talk about how they lived in those times and explain the complicated nineteenth-century customs. Passing through subsequent rooms, the visitor forgets that he is in the museum. One gets the impression that the palace is inhabited, and the Zamoyski family, only temporarily absent, will return soon.

The external area, like the interior of the palace, delights. Everybody will find something for themselves. After crossing the main gate, one enters another dimension. A dignified, well-maintained, with magnificent floral ground floors, the courtyard invites you to enter, and perfectly maintained gardens and park make this place perfect for a family walk, and lonely, melancholy contemplation.

Not only the palace and magnificent gardens take tourists into the atmosphere of past eras. Also numerous attractions organized in Kozłówka - a baroque dance dance, a game of jerk or pétanque - it is all possible in the Zamoyski Museum. The youngest will also find something for themselves in the museum - numerous workshops, introducing the activities of the former residents of the palace, reading fairy tales, building from "ecological blocks", field games and many other interesting games and animations.

In the former palace carriage house, there is the only Gallery of the Art of Socialist Realism in Poland. To the sounds of proletarian marches, works of art are seen here that helped propagate the ideas of socialism among the masses. A visit to the gallery teaches and entertains. It's also worth taking a look at the outdoor gallery - expositions of monuments, including Lenin, Bierut, Marchlewski removed from Poronin, Lublin and Włocławek.

The Zamoyski Museum is a place for everyone who dreams about the past - those who would like to, for a moment, move in time and for a few hours be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday duties.

An important aspect in the functioning of the Museum are special offers prepared for visitors. Seniors (over 60) and children and teenagers (up to 25 years old) can purchase discounted tickets. We have also prepared such tickets for disabled people, veterans and organized groups of teachers. We accept the Big Family Card and the Pole Card. The Zamoyski Museum in Kozłówka participates in numerous nationwide programs, including Museum Night, Touch the Museum (educational offer for the blind and visually impaired), Youths like Culture ("Save from Oblivion" - a series of meetings about vanishing professions), Free Art Day, European Heritage Days, "Weekend for half price" as part of the campaign Poland See more.

The museum's educational offer now includes 15 themes of museum lessons ("A lot of knowledge in the head after the lesson in Kozłówka"), so diverse and adapted to the category of participants that everyone can take part in them. In addition, knowledge about Kozłówka is checked by two field games, which are available to visitors at any time. In the theater, at the exhibition "I'm drawing you a fairy tale", board and card games, an art corner and puzzles await children. In addition, every weekend there is a joint reading of fairy tales and art workshops. In the park and palace complex there is a playground for children and a special place for picnics and bonfires. Every second weekend museologists prepare interesting attractions for tourists, it is, among others, learning baroque dance, boules and jerk, film screenings.




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