Contemporary Art Gallery "Power Station"

In the city
Contact ul. Dehnelów 45
41-250 Czeladź

tel: 32 263 00 88
kom: 606 635 899


Contemporary Art Gallery "Elektrownia" in Czeladź is a historic, post-industrial facility, which for over one hundred years served the "Saturn" mine.

The interior retains original, giant machines from the early twentieth century, producing electricity and compressed air for the needs of the mine.

Until the end of the 1930s, together with the mine, it was owned by the Towarzystwo Górniczo Przemysłowe "Saturn", which was managed by the cotton producers in Lodz, Karol Scheibler and Alfred Biedermann

Today, after the revitalization carried out with the help of EU funds, it is an extremely attractive, atmospheric object, one of the most beautiful in the city and region where exhibitions of contemporary art are presented.

Galeria Elektrownia is part of the Saturn Museum in Czeladź

And since 2010 it is the object of the Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship and the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH). They are not avoided by tourism enthusiasts, technology lovers, artists as well as photographers and film-makers who are looking for unusual interiors.




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Czeladź, Śląskie
Dehnelów 45, 41-250 Czeladź

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