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Museum of Nature in Drozdowo

In the city
Contact ul. Główna 38
18-421 Drozdowo

tel./fax.: 86 219 20 81
e-mail: muzeumdrozdowo@wp.pl


The Museum of Nature in Drozdowo (located near Lomza in the Podlasie Voivodship) is located in the former seat of the Lutosławski family.

At the manor court, which is surrounded by a historic park.

The museum offers permanent exhibitions presenting the nature of the valleys of the Narew and Biebrza rivers and the history of Drozdów: "Manor court", "Hunting trophies", "Vegetation dormitory of the Biebrza Valley", "Birds of the Biebrza Valley", "Mammals of the Biebrza Valley", "Łoś Król Marshes" Biebrza "and the exhibition" Underwater World of Five Continents "- the largest aquarium exhibition in the region presenting fish living in lakes and rivers of Asia, South America, Australia, Africa and Europe.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, the facility has an educational path called "Ostoja Drozdowska" - a wooden footbridge that allows a walk among the wild scenery of the gorges, trees and trunks characteristic of the wetlands of the alluvial forests.

The museum has an educational background in the form of an Ecological Education Center, in which a permanent exhibition "Herbs Secrets. Medicinal plants of the Valley of the Narew River "showing several dozen species of plants typical of the area of ​​the Valley of the Narew River, as well as pictures of landscapes and vegetation, display cases with plant models and dioramas presenting plants. The exhibition also includes the interior of the herbalist's hut.

We also offer: educational activities, museum lessons on the subject of nature and history, lessons outside the facility (travel to the designated place), educational games for school children, field lessons, nature workshops, scientific conferences, organization of meetings around the campfire, organization of integration meetings with using the covered shelter located in the museum park, organizing conferences, scientific seminars, accommodation in a museum hotel (11 beds, 2-3 person rooms).

Price list:

Entry ticket without a guide:

• normal - PLN 9

• reduced - PLN 7

• individual for children up to 7 years - PLN 2

Admission ticket with a guide:

- Normal:

    individuals and groups of up to 10 people - PLN 15
    groups over 10 people - PLN 10

- Reduced:

    individuals and groups of up to 10 people - PLN 13
    groups over 10 people - PLN 8
    organized pre-school groups - PLN 5

- Entrance ticket for group tutors - PLN 1 (one guardian for 10 people)

- Entrance ticket - museum lesson - PLN 4

- Family admission ticket (maximum 2 adults) - 20 PLN

- A reduced admission ticket for groups with a museum lesson - PLN 12

- Entrance ticket with workshops - PLN 14

The fee for the preparation of an outbreak - PLN 70. The campfire takes place in a covered shed in the park, where there is a fireplace - grate, tables and benches. The museum prepares a bonfire, provides sticks or heat-resistant trays. You should have your own products. The price of the outbreak is independent of the size of the group.

Room rental (11 beds in double or triple rooms) - 50 PLN / person / day




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Drozdowo, Podlaskie
Główna 38, 18-421 Drozdowo

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