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In 1909, the Society of Friends of Sciences in Przemyśl was established on the initiative of historians and enthusiasts of the past.

The Society's task was to support Polish science, scientific research on the past of the region, care for monuments of national culture, collection of museum and library collections. The founding meeting of the Society was held on February 14, 1909. The Provisional Committee appointed during the meeting developed the statute of the Society, which was approved by the ordinance of C.K. of the governorship in Lviv on June 2, 1909. As part of the TPN, a museum, archive and library were established.

The museum was created on the basis of private collections of the activists of the Society of the brothers Kazimierz Maria and Tadeusz Osiński, enriched with numerous gifts of the inhabitants of Przemyśl and the surrounding population, obtained in subsequent years also through shopping and during field research and penetration. The Osińskis collected collections in the field of archeology, ethnography, art, historical souvenirs and archives. Before 1909, they numbered over 1,500 items, and about 3,000 books and about 2,000 city and land acts.

The ceremonial inauguration of the Museum's activities took place on April 10, 1910, with a large participation of municipal, church and city residents. During the ceremony he spoke, among others Bishop Józef Sebastian Pelczar, blessing and wishing to develop for the sake of Polish science and culture.

During World War I, the museum acquired a large collection of military items, archives, monuments and various souvenirs from destroyed mansions, towns and villages of Przemyśl.

In 1921, at the congress of museum workers in Poznań, the institution received the name of the National Museum of Przemyśl in Przemyśl and was included in the group of 14 Polish museums admitted to the Union of Historical and Artistic Museums.

An important event in the history of the museum was 1928, when on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Poland's regaining its independence, based on the resolution of the TPN Board, museum collections were handed over to the city. An equally important event for the museum and the city was the 8th Congress of the Union of Museums in Poland, which took place in Przemyśl on 18-20 September 1932. At the Convention, a draft act on the care of museums was adopted, which was passed by the Sejm of the Republic of Poland in 1933 Before World War II museum collections had more than 20,000 exhibits, and a collection of 25,000 items

After the German invasion of Poland in 1939, the museum was subordinate to the General Governorship in Krakow. During the Soviet occupation, the Przemyskie Historyczno-Etnograficzne Muzeum was created, and after the German aggression on the USSR on June 28, 1941, Przemyśl was under German occupation for the second time. Occupants took many valuable exhibits from the museum. In 1944, the museum took over the city.

In 1946, the decision of the Minister of Administration and the Supreme Directorate of Museums and Monuments Protection of the Ministry of Culture and Art. At that time, the Museum, which numbered around 30,000 exhibits, received the former palace of Greek Catholic bishops. On October 1, 1949, the museum was nationalized, and its official opening was made in 1950. In 1963, the museum received a new statute and the name of the Museum of Przemyśl Land in Przemyśl, and in 1975, after the creation of the province. Przemyskiego, the status of the District Museum and supervised substantive supervision over museums in Jarosław, Lubaczów and Przeworsk.

In 1984, at the request of the Voivode of Przemyśl, the Minister of Culture and Arts, on 4 May 1984, he reinstated the historic name of the National Museum of Przemyśl. During the 100 years of operation, the museum has made public hundreds of exhibitions, 200 titles of its own publishing houses. The museum cooperates with many scientific and cultural institutions in the country and abroad. Currently, the museum is a multi-faceted institution and has collections in the fields of archeology, ethnography, history, art and craft, and nature. The library collections contain over 36,000 volumes of books and magazines. As part of the organizational structure of the MNZP in Przemyśl, there are two branches: the Museum of Bells and Pipes (opened in 2001) and the Museum of the History of the City of Przemyśl (opened in 2005).

In connection with the return of church authorities to the main building of the Museum at Pl. Czackiego 3, the strategic task was to undertake investment work related to the construction of a new museum headquarters. The construction of a modern building was commenced in October 2005 at Berka Joselewicz Square 1 in the center of Przemyśl. It was financed in 75% from the IROP resources. The total construction cost amounted to 20,862, 767, 37 PLN.

Since the opening in 2008, in addition to permanent exhibitions, the Museum hosted many interesting temporary exposures of national and international rank. Among them, there are exhibitions: works by Artur Grottger and Marceli Maszkowski, an anniversary exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the MNZP, "The magic of a feminine trifle. Feminine fashion accessories from the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century "," Samosierra and other battle paintings from the collections of MNZP "," Restored Beauty "," Masters of Polish painting. Paintings from the National Museum in Warsaw "," Hungarians in the Przemyśl Fortress. Exhibition as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I "," Painting by Stanisław Czajkowski "," On the verge of independence. 25th anniversary of the June 1989 elections in Przemyśl Land ".

Until now, 84 new permanent and temporary exhibitions have been organized in the new building, as well as many scientific and popular science sessions as well as events enriching the cultural life of the city of Przemyśl.

Branches of the Przemyśl National Museum:

    Museum of the History of the City of Przemyśl:

Rynek 9 - Kamienica Brzykowska
37-700 Przemyśl
phone: 16 678 65 01

    Museum of Bells and Pipes:

ul. Władycze 3 - Clock Tower
37-700 Przemyśl
tel .: (16) 678-96-66




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