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Museum of the Factory

In the city
Contact ul. Drewnowska 58
91-002 Łódź

tel.: 42 664 92 93
e-mail: muzeum@manufaktura.com


The Factory Museum is located in Manufaktura - the tourist center of Łódź.

During the visit to the facility you can learn about the history of the former plants of Izrael Kalmanowicz Poznański, one of the kings of cotton in Lodz.

Visitors can also learn more about working in the textile industry and the life of workers during the presentation of the work of the nineteenth-century looms - weaving machines.

There is also a cinema room with films depicting the history of factories and Łódź after World War II, as well as an observation deck from which there is a view of the entire Manufaktura.

In addition to the possibility of using the guide service, the Factory Museum also offers numerous workshops for children and adults.



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Łódź, Łódzkie
Drewnowska 58, 91-002 Łódź

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