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Gallery "Castle" in Reszel

In the city
Contact ul. Podzamcze 3
11-440 Reszel

tel.: 89 751 18 00
e-mail: galeriareszel@muzeum.olsztyn.pl


GALLERY is located in the southern wing of the castle of Warmian bishops.

Two large (400 m2 each) exhibition halls are the place of exhibition. The Gothic castle in Reszel is a four-winged building built of brick on a square plan. It was built on the site of a former wooden watchtower, in the south-eastern part of the city, in the bend of the Jizera River. The construction was begun by bishop Jan of Meisnia in 1350, and bishop Henryk Sorbom graduated around 1401. In 1505, the castle was surrounded by defensive walls. After the annexation of Warmia to Poland (1466), the castle lost its original defensive meaning and in the second half of the 16th century it was transformed into a summer residence of bishops. Until 1772, the administrative center of the Reszel district was also located here.

In the years 1823 - 1945, the vast interior of today's gallery served as an evangelical church. In the years 1976 - 1985, a general renovation was carried out, during which a monumental area was given for a new activity - the Contemporary Art Gallery and made available to the public.

The Socio-Cultural Association "Pojezierze" patronized the Castle in Reszel in the years 1958 - 1990. At that time, there were numerous open air events and artistic events. The castle became the seat of the Culture Center run by Barbara and Andrzej Hulanicki, where a weaving studio was functioning for many years. Over the following years, the Castle was managed by Bolesław Marshall - sculptor and his wife Jolanta.

In the early eighties, under the aegis of the SSK "Pojezierze", in cooperation with the then suspended Association of Polish Artists, two open air painting sessions were held, the "Zamek" Gallery was also established. An independent initiative was exhibitions from the Venice Biennale, which took place in 1985 - 1989. Among the artists exhibiting their works were Andrzej Fogtt and Bożenna Biskupska (1985), Bronisław Chromy, Franciszek Starowieyski, Andrzej Kreutz - Majewski and Tadeusz Malkiewicz (1987), Izabela Gustowska, Władysław Jackiewicz and Antoni Porczak (1989).

Franciszek Starowieyski with his long-lasting artistic work, permanently inscribed in the cultural history of the "Zamek" Gallery and the city of Reszel, where he held three of his exhibitions: in 1987 - collective, in 1992 - individual presenting paintings and in 2003 - a retrospective exhibition presenting posters from the collection Piotr Dąbrowski and Agnieszka Kulon and the Poster Museum in Wilanów, the National Museum in Poznań and the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. In 2007, Starowieyski received the honorary citizenship of the city of Reszel, and in 2008 at the Castle his hand was cast and laid in one of the walls located in the courtyard of the Castle, where posthumously (2009) added the inscription: "Here in 1986 - 2009 created an outstanding artist Franciszek Starowieyski. "

Permanently, in the reszelski gallery remains its large format - the monumental Drawing Theater Pilgrimage to the Holy Half-moon (consisting of 13 parts with overall dimensions of 4 x 25.35 m), which was presented in Venice in 1986, and since 1989 is owned by Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

The "Zamek" Gallery in Reszel, through its many years of cultural activity, has become a center of contemporary art in the region where numerous Polish and foreign artists presented their works. The aforementioned Franciszek Starowieyski, Natalia LL, Edward Dwurnik, Paweł Althamer and professors from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. The collections of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn are also shown here. In the Gallery there are often theater events, performances and artistic meetings, including international "Art Days" promoting Polish-German artistic cooperation.


Photos provided courtesy of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury http://muzeum.olsztyn.pl/ .



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Reszel, Warmińsko-Mazurskie
, 11-440 Reszel

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