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The Museum of the Silesian Press is named after Wojciech Korfanty, the leader of the Silesian people, and the creator of the most popular Polish newspapers in Silesia.

The permission to name the object was expressed by the daughters of Wojciech Korfanty - Halżka Kozłowska and Maria Ulmann - who in 1989 came to Poland and visited Pszczyna.
The museum has a reconstructed cabinet by Wojciech Korfanty (original equipment, photos, copies of newspapers, etc.).

The Museum of Silesian Press in Pszczyna was founded in 1985 on the initiative of the Society of Pszczyna Land Lovers, and also thanks to good decisions and financial assistance of the then city host, Mr. Wiesław Kasiński. A tenement house from the turn of the 18th / 19th century was saved before the destruction of the town. The creators of this unique object are Alexander Spyra (curator to this day) along with his wife Krystyna.

Exposition of the facility is a huge number of newspapers and magazines about patriotic content - building national awareness of Polish Silesians, bringing about historical decisions - three Silesian uprisings and a plebiscite, return to the Motherland, equipment, machines and other exhibits in the field of Silesian periodicals and old printing and bookbinding . It's not uncommon to find white crows.

In the tenement house of the Museum on the first floor there is also the "Chamber of Telemann" - chamber music chamber, presenting old musical instruments from Silesia, as well as lending its enchanted interior to musicians and concertmakers from the upper shelf (including Dialogues of music and poetry "Plesna Civitas ", Created by Alexander Spyra).

The museum has its Program Council, made up of outstanding Silesian authorities: professors - Julian Gembalski, Jan Malicki, Dariusz Rott and Tadeusz Sławek.

At the meeting on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Museum, which brought together artists, founders, employees and guests - Fr. prof. Janusz Wycisło from the Papal University of John Paul II in Krakow, director of the Castle Museum Maciej Kluss, senator Sławomir Kowalski, mayor Dariusz Skrobola and wicestarosta Henryk Kolarczyk - after greetings, flowers and thank you a discussion was made about the directions of work developed the future of the Museum (expansion), related events, celebrations, plans for exhibition, continuation of prints of very rare publications (the printed word trail, alongside the technical monuments route, on which the Museum is already successful!). The audience also watched a film about the Press Museum from the series "Big Matters of Small Museums" edited by TVP Wiesław Głowacz, a man in love with Pszczyna. In one opinion, the curiosities from the beginnings of the Museum, interesting current affairs, plans for the future presented and communicated by people to whom Pszczyna lies genuinely at heart.

In recent years, the exhibition on the ground floor of the building has been renovated as part of which the interior renovation has been carried out (among others, the ceiling of the main room was blasted), the display cases were renovated and the communication for the visitors was improved. For a more efficient movement of visitors around the Museum, an additional transition was created between the two closed exhibition halls. New multimedia equipment has been installed (a large screen TV on which museum-related films are presented), as well as modern lighting.

On the 30th anniversary of the Museum funds were obtained for further renewal of its interiors. This time, a thorough renovation was carried out on the first floor of the tenement house where the Museum is located. The implemented concept of architectural changes was developed several years ago in Pszczyna "Ideas Factory" by Ania Góra-Wojtyla and Miłka Krzemień.

The implementation of the project required the supervision of the monument conservator, which severely delayed the renovation. Countless works were carried out, from clean-up to strictly specialized, finishing works. The ceiling created in the 1980s was liquidated, peaks were discovered, on which exposed the raw brick. The floor and window frames were completely replaced. The load-bearing structure of the roof has been preserved, the electrical installation has been replaced and modern lighting has been installed, and central heating has been modernized. The room was equipped with new showcases illuminated with LED light. A new exhibition has been developed. A board with an interactive map was put up, which in an interesting way shows printing centers over the centuries.

An unusual difficulty in finishing works was the lack of straight angles on flat surfaces. It is worth recalling that the building dates from the end of the 18th century and was built as a filling between the buildings located on the curve of the existing route - currently the main promenade of Pszczyna.

In 2017, stands in Muzuem were placed on which descriptions of the most interesting exhibits were placed. In order to increase security, a discreet video museum monitoring system was also installed. The museum is still being modernized in order to increase its attractiveness.



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Pszczyna, Śląskie
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