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Naval Museum in Gdynia

In the city
Contact ul. Zawiszy Czarnego 1B
81-374 Gdynia

tel. 58 620 13 81
e-mail: rezerwacja@muzeummw.pl


The Navy Museum is one of the most interesting places we visit in Gdynia.

Located on the Seaside Boulevard, it invites you to plunge into the history of the maritime type of armed forces. The three floors of the exhibition halls will lead you through the nearly 100-year-old way of the modern Polish Navy - from its beginnings in 1918 to today. We also offer a step back into the world of old sailing ships.

You will see, among others models of warships, both the oldest ones, equipped with sails, as well as modern ones. Visiting the Museum you will be able to look at the armaments of the sea like cannons, mines, torpedoes or anti-aircraft guns. Our guides will show you the traditions and sailor's customs, as well as teach you how to tie sailor's nodes. Younger visitors will also have the opportunity to find the treasure hidden in the museum. Many attractions await you at the Outdoor Exhibition of Arms and Marine Weapons. One of them is the pursuit boat ORP Batory - one of the first vessels built in Poland, displayed next to aircraft, cannons, missile weapons, anchors and propellers collection.

Strolling around the Kosciuszko Square in Gdynia you will certainly notice the ship moored at the Pomeranian Quay, whose sides are covered by war camouflage. This is the famous ORP Błyskawica, the oldest surviving destroyer in the world. Introduced to service in the Navy in 1937, the ship, along with the twin ORP Grom, belonged to the most modern and fastest units of this class. During the war, together with our other destroyers, he collaborated with the Allies alongside the Royal Navy, operating in the Atlantic, the North Sea and the Mediterranean. He participated, inter alia, in the campaign of the Norwegian battle for the Atlantic.

He returned to Poland on July 1, 1947. For years, ORP Błyskawica was the pride of the Polish Navy. In 1976, the ship became a museum. In the aft spaces, an exhibition devoted to the history of the Navy is presented. Visitors have the opportunity to view the weapons on board as well as the engine room and boiler room.

ORP Błyskawica is still in active service. Because it is moored in the center of Gdynia, every day you can watch sailors in traditional uniforms, performing guard duty near the gangplank. Military ceremonies take place there, and on the days important for the city and the Navy, gun salons are given away from the ship's department.



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Gdynia, Pomorskie
, 81-374 Gdynia

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