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Museum of Icons in Supraśl

In the city
Contact ul. Klasztorna 1
16-030 Supraśl

kom.: 509 336 829
e-mail: muzeum.ikon@muzeum.bialystok.pl


The Icon Museum in Supraśl is a branch of the Podlasie Museum in Bialystok, devoted entirely to the sacred art of the Orthodox Church, and above all to the icons.

It has one of the richest icon collections in the country. They are created on the board as well as icons cast in metal. The oldest images come from the seventeenth century, the majority of the collection is dated to the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century. The sixteenth century frescoes survivor of the destroyed and now rebuilt church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary located in the Supraśl monastery.

The Icon Museum in Supraśl occupies the northern part of the XVII century archimandrite palace, which is part of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Monastery. It is the first such institution in the country. Unconventional interior design, full of unexpected solutions and multimedia content, stimulates the audience's perception and encourages active exploration. Presentation of about 350 icons gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the diversity of the themes of performances, styles and techniques. The use of modern technologies makes the Museum attractive even for the most demanding recipients.



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Supraśl, Podlaskie
, 16-030 Supraśl

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