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Museum of Earth Heritage in Dąbrowa

In the city
Contact Dąbrowa 133
08-109 Przesmyki

tel.: 25 641 26 20
fax.: 25 641 26 20
e-mail: dabrowa@muzeumsiedlce.art.pl


Dąbrowa is located in the eastern part of the province. mazowieckie (Przesmyki commune), about 140 km from Warsaw.

In the mansion-park setting from the mid-nineteenth century, there is the Museum of Earth. Located in the classical mansion, the permanent exhibition presents court interiors from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The landowners' seat is surrounded by a historic park with an adjacent pond. The park complex includes over a century-old orchard with old varieties of fruit trees.

Mansion has 5 guest rooms in the attic designed for 11 people. The price includes breakfast. Each room has a separate bathroom and is equipped with a fridge.

There is a possibility of organizing a bonfire in the park and swimming by a pond. In addition, the museum's offer includes fishing and renting bicycles.

In the museum you can buy souvenirs, publishing houses and honeys from the court's apiary.



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Przesmyki, Mazowieckie
, 08-109 Przesmyki

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