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The museum has exhibitions: in two exhibition halls and in a working production plant - Częstochowskie Zakłady Przemysłu Zapałczanego

Czestochowa Factory is a Polish match factory based in Częstochowa, a place known for pilgrimages, has been operating since 1882. Matches have been produced continuously since the company was founded, in a historic building and on the production line, which was installed around 1930.

It is here that the past and present lie closely together and even interpenetrate. The factory in Czestochowa is a "producing museum", and several decades of technology is a unique attraction for school trips and tourists from all over Europe.The match factory in 1881 was built by German industrialists Julian Huch and Karol von Gehlig, and the production of matches began in 1882. In 1912, the new owner of the factory became the WA Łapszyn Joint-Stock Company from St. Petersburg with the Management for the Kingdom of Poland in Warsaw.

In 1913, a fire destroyed most of the wooden buildings. One of the first three films of Polish cinematography was made for this occasion, which has its own resources and makes it available to the visitors of the Match Making Museum. The film lasts about 3 minutes and is considered as the oldest monument of Polish cinematography. The factory was quickly rebuilt and modernized, increasing the production capacity.

In the years 1922 - 1923, the Polish Society of Industrial was established, which bought the Factory of Matches in Częstochowa.

On the initiative of the Minister of the Treasury, Władysław Grabski, who created the Polish Monopoly Zapałczany in 1925, the Częstochowa factory was leased to the Joint Stock Company for the Exploitation of the State Monopoly Match, which was the owner until the outbreak of World War II.


In June 1930, a fire broke out and damaged some of the machines and buildings. After the reconstruction, in the same year, the plant was thoroughly modernized. The factory received new machines for the production of matches from Durlach and other devices, during the Second World War, like the entire Polish monopoly match held in the General Government, it found itself under German management.

After the war in 1945, it was nationalized. Subsequently, pursuant to Regulation No. 291 of the Minister of Light Industry in 1951, the factory was given the name Częstochowa Zakłady Przemysłu Zapałczanego. In the years 1945-1997, the factory was a state-owned enterprise, and since 1997 it has been bought by employees and is a joint-stock company with employees as its shareholders. At the initiative of the Management Board of the Company in 2002, the Match Production Museum was established, part of which is the factory itself. The factory has been producing matches from the popular Black Cat series, as well as custom matches - grill, fireplace and advertising.




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Częstochowa, Śląskie
, 42-200 Częstochowa

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