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Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój

In the city
Contact ul. Kłodzka 42,
57-340 Duszniki Zdrój
tel: + 48 748 627 400
fax: + 48 748 627 410


Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki-Zdrój is located in the only paper mill in Poland, dating back to 1605

The unique paper mill is a priceless technical monument known throughout Europe, which by the decision of the President of the Republic of Poland in 2011 obtained the status of a monument of history.

In this place, handmade papers were produced and made according to a technique developed in the Middle Ages. Once the mill played an important culture-forming role; on the sheets from Duszniki, books were printed and documents were written down. Today, sheets from the Duszniki mill are used to make commemorative magazines, diplomas, invitations, stationeries and souvenirs testifying to the paper traditions of Lower Silesia.

The best period in the history of the Duszniki mill falls on the 17th and 18th centuries. Its successive owners have perfected the production and expanded and decorated the paper mill, which has become one of the most beautiful industrial facilities in Europe. On the first attic storey of the main building of the paper mill, there are unique wall paintings - polychromes, depicting genre scenes, floral motifs, and the biblical scene identified as "Józef and wife Putyfara". Most probably in the 17th and 18th centuries, Polychromes distinguish the paper mill from the background of other such technical monuments and constitute an important element in the efforts of the Museum of Papermaking to enter the site on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


In July 2017, two new exhibitions were opened in the former paper dryer: the first dedicated to the art of paper, the second - the history of Polish paper money. The exhibitions have been adapted to the needs of people with motion, sight and hearing dysfunction.

The 'heart' of the paper mill in Duszniki is the clay fireplace, in which hand-held paper production shows take place, based on the technology from the Middle Ages. Also here, there are paper-making workshops, during which the visitors carry out their own papers with watermarks, artworks and sheets with the reflection of their hands.

The facility has been adapted for the disabled. For more information, please visit our website

The Museum of Papermaking is open:

  • November - April: Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 - 15:00 (except for winter holidays: Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Sun 9am to 5pm),
  • May - August: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 18:00, Sunday 9:00 - 15:00,   
  • September - October: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 17:00, Sunday 9:00 - 15:00


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Duszniki Zdrój, Dolnośląskie
, 57-340 Duszniki Zdrój

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