Beer SPA Zakopane

In the city
Contact Krupówki 77
34-500 Zakopane

kom.: 514 313 308


Piwne Spa is a new, original attraction located in the center of Zakopane - on Krupówki.

The spa offers relaxing treatments combined with tasting of exquisite beverages.

The main attraction of the spa is a beer bath. This is a ritual consisting of several stages. The first is a session in the sauna, aimed at expanding the pores and prepare the skin for the treatment. During this time a bath is being prepared. You pour hot water into the wooden bale, then you add a special concentrate - a beer. When the body is already properly heated, you can jump into the barrel. During the bath tasting of craft beers from Polish and foreign breweries takes place. After a bath, take a break for a while on the sun loungers so that the bathing beer can dry out on the skin and nourish the body for the next hours.

So carried out bath is a great way to relax and improve your well-being. In addition, natural ingredients contained in a bathing beer like malt, hops and more expensive positively affect health and beauty. The treatment moisturizes and firms the skin, provides valuable B vitamins, improves blood circulation and metabolism. In addition, it evens out skin pH, which helps to treat skin irritations.

Beer Spa also offers baths in red wine and goat's milk as well as relaxing massages.



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Zakopane, Małopolskie
, 34-500 Zakopane

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