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Aquapark in Sopot is the first of its kind in the Tri-City. It is primarily a team of indoor and outdoor recreational pools.

The complex also includes: the Saun World complex, two fast food bars by the pools, bowling with its own restaurant bar and a restaurant with a complex of external summer covered terraces with a view of the Gdansk Bay and the restaurant pavilion that accompanies them. The excellent location of the Sopot Water Park makes it easy to get to it by public transport or the Fast Urban Railway connecting the entire Tri-City. The facility is located on a slope, 200 m from the beach, next to a walking and cycling route along the sea.

One of the biggest attractions of the object is the only one in Poland WILD RIVER with a length of 71 meters and a level difference of 6 meters. Water in the winding riverbed of the wild river flows at a speed of 600 liters per second. Submission to the current of the river faithfully impresses with the impression of a bath in a natural mountain stream. People abducted by the river current flow along with the current like on rafting.

A three-meter swimming parapolacial pool with a length of 25 meters and a depth of 140 cm is used for recreational swimming, running swimming lessons and playing sports swimming competitions.

Inside the extensive Aquapark there are slides suitable for less and more daring ones. The Turbo slide (blue) is a very fast tube - kamikaze! Its length is 70 meters, the difference in levels is 12 meters, and the decrease does not exceed 20%. Perfect fun for people who have a passion for hot and fast driving. The convention creates many emotions and unique impressions. Familijna (yellow) slide is 110 meters long, a fast tube with numerous corners. The difference in levels is 12 meters here, and the decrease does not exceed 10%. It is a slide with a low level of difficulty. Two-way family slide (white) with a total length of 7.5 meters and a difference of 2.4 meters. Perfect for family fun. The slide offers a joint ride with a child who provides a lot of joy to children and parents.

There will also be plenty of attractions outside the facility. The year-round outdoor pool, especially in winter, provides many impressions. It is connected with a recreational pool with a mood-lit flow channel.

In the summer season, adults can sit down and sunbathe on the deckchairs around the pool with impunity, while the kids play great in the water. Thinking about the youngest, a colorful design for interactive games was installed in the pool, which will surely provide an unforgettable experience. You can take a three-meter water slide to the pool. The outdoor recreational pool has a maximum depth of 130 cm.

After the madness, you can relax in the whirlpools - for its customers, Aquapark Sopot has 5 hot tubs available. In two of them you can enjoy pearl massages (air massage - air bubbles coming out of the nozzles gently massage the whole body). In three whirlpools, the massage is performed with the use of water and air, which after being injected through nozzles under high pressure massage the individual parts of the body. Whrilpools have a relaxing effect on the skin and muscles. Relaxing baths reduce muscle tension by cleansing the body, reduce cellulite, alleviate the effects of arthritis and post-traumatic conditions, remove fatigue and regenerate forces, activate metabolic processes.

Sopot Aquapark is not only swimming pools, it is also Sauna World and Aqua Spa, where you can, among others, use various types of saunas (8 to choose from), massages, beauty treatments, tepidarium or a relaxation room.

In the basement of the building there is the only bowling club in Sopot. We offer 6 professional tracks to play with a computerized credit system. In the bowling alley there is also a bar area with tables where you can use gastronomy services.

The restaurant is perfectly complemented with a great author's menu. The restaurant has outdoor tables and an exit to the Terraces - beautiful green areas with a direct descent to the beach and a view of the Gulf of Gdansk. This is where interesting cultural and entertainment events take place during the summer season.



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Sopot, Pomorskie
, 81-713 Sopot

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