Agrotourism in Poland
Properties for rent

Holiday in the countryside? Who does not remember the childhood times, going on the holidays out of town, to grandma ... If you would love to bring back memories of childhood times, now it is possible - agrotourism in Poland is a perfect option for you and is well-known among whole Europe. Spend vacation or longer holidays to the agritourism farm, where in addition to great, homely food you will have the opportunity to commune with farm animals. Choosing an agritourism farm in the mountains, we can find offers in which we will learn how to graze sheep, we will try "oscypek" (regional Polish kind of smoked cheese) and in the meantime we will rest in a highlander's cottage. Agritourism farm in Masuria is usually characterized by close proximity to water reservoirs, which is why it may be a great opportunity to spend some moments under sailing. It is also an ideal time for a holiday in the saddle, because Masuria have many farms with stables.


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